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Acoustic Guitar Lessons

- It Is A Magical Experience

People of just about any nationality in this world recognize the beauty of an acoustic guitar. This recognition is definitely justified. Becoming a good and advanced guitarist starts for many with acoustic guitar lessons.  

The acoustic guitar leans itself to playing some of the greatest rock compositions of all times. John Petrucci’s “Misunderstood” (Dream Theater),David Gilmour’s “Wish you were here” (Pink Floyd), Joe Satriani’s “Tears in the rain”, Jimmy Page’s “Going to California” (Led Zeppelin), Steve Morse’s “Ghostwind” (Deep Purple), and Steve Vai’s “Burnin’ down the Mountain are just a few of them.

These top rock bands, and their exquisite lead guitarists, have played these famous compositions with an acoustic guitar. Are you curious to find out why it was an acoustic guitar that was chosen by these rockers? The raw sound of an acoustic guitar that is definitely jagged is responsible for the honor given. The feel that is created by an acoustic guitar is extraordinary. The tune is just perfect.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons: Overview

There is no other instrument that expresses human emotions as well as the acoustic guitar. All variants between love and anger are represented. The acoustic guitar always brings emotion to the surface. From “The Man Who Sold the World” (Kurt Cobain) to “Layla” (Eric Claption), the impact to those who have the privilege of listening is enormous and this is just because of how an acoustic guitar can transfer emotion.

Reaching perfection needs more than the work that can be done in one day. Confidence is accomplished by a lot of practice of the material of every single acoustic guitar lesson.

the girl play acoustic guitar imageLearn to play the acoustic guitar in stages. The different phases of the acoustic guitar lessons will give you confidence and help you realize that you too can become a proficient acoustic guitarist.

Phase One

Become familiar with your acoustic guitar. This is an important detail to get started with. Learn to hold the instrument so you can learn to play it. Advanced lessons are only feasible if you are familiar with how to hold your acoustic guitar. Become familiar with the basics of this first phase.

Phase Two

Do not underestimate the importance of knowing how to take care of your acoustic guitar. You need to learn how to maintain the several parts of your instrument. While you practice your acoustic guitar is subject to considerable wear and tear. A guitarist, even a beginning one, needs to know how to change strings and your beginning acoustic guitar teacher needs to reserve time to instruct you in this too.

The position in which you hold the instrument is now not an issue anymore. Now it is time to learn how to produce sound with the plectrum. Learn now some basic chords (Dominant, Major, and Minor).  You have to learn to understand and read the chord charts before you can start learning to play real music.

Phase Three

The common scales are your goal once you reach this stage (blues, Major, chromatic, harmonic, diminished, melodic, and pentatonic).

During this stage of your acoustic guitar lessons you will become familiar with techniques like “bend” and “hammer-on”. These techniques are essential to become a guitarist who wants to play live music.

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