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Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback.

"We really enjoyed the classes and some of them realized that they had potential to pursue it further with private guitar lessons!"


... Pamela Seow,

 Autoscan Co. Ltd.

"Was great! Thanks for organizing!"


... Sarah Chong, Notion Development Co. Ltd.

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Corporate Guitar Lessons

Learn How To Tap into Your True Potential with Excellent and Inspiring Guitar Lessons

Looking for interesting and fun lessons for your corporation or school? Yet mastering the new skills must be beneficial for their growth?

90 days guarantee image 2Selecting a corporate or school leisure activity must be considered carefully.  They must be fun, interesting and yet a useful skill for them. Otherwise the registration rates will be low, making it a wasted effort and disappointment.

Musical lessons are universally popular, especially playing the guitar. In addition, learning to play the guitar has many benefits.

 Relaxes and Puts You In a Good Mood

Improved Coordination Skills

 Stimulates The Brains

 Builds Self Confidence

 Cultivates Discipline

With Guitar Lessons Hong Kong, be confident of excellent, fun and inspiring guitar lessons always.

In addition, enjoy special guitar packages for your school or corporation!

Are you:

From a Educational Institution and looking for Group Guitar Lessons?

From a Corporation and looking for Corporate Guitar Classes?

"We all enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Glad that we organized it!"


... Charmaine Wee, Chung Cheng High School Main

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