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Country Guitar Lessons

– Learn The Right Guitar Techniques


Country Guitar imageRock guitar has evolved into several new genres of rock music or sub-genres. Country music guitar play is still essentially the same. Country songs become even more melancholic by applying melody chords. Just listen to “Country Roads take me home” and you will get the idea.


There is no such instrument as a country guitar. The electric guitar as we know it and the acoustic guitar do great with country music. Learn to master the chords and scales that are typical for country music with our country guitar lessons.


Red Rhodes, Chet Atkins, Jerry Byrd, Roy Clark, Tony Rice, and Albert Lee are just some of the names you can associate with country guitar and definitely belong to the hall of fame of country guitarists. These great guitarists had to ride a bumpy road to make it to the hall of fame. Make your road easier by arranging country guitar instruction. We offer lessons for beginners.




Country Guitar Lessons: Overview


You start with learning all the fundamentals on country guitar music. You become a beginner country guitarist. Everybody can learn it. With the right instruction it really becomes easy. Give yourself enough time to practice and you will get there.


Phase One


Focus on the theory that comes with country music first with our country guitar instruction. Learn about the rhythms, notations, scales, and chords. The importance of intonation is an incredible tool to get the pitch right anywhere on the fret board.


Phase Two


The seven guitar chords that are basic and open (E minor, C, D, G, A-minor, E, and A) and will be the focus of phase two of the country lessons for guitarists.

Barre chords and movable chords are also on this level. You will learn to hold more than one chord down with one or a couple fingers. This phase will bring you to a proficiency that can be called smooth and you will be a fairly good country guitarist.


Phase Three


Experience how you work yourself through the intermediate level with phase three of the country guitar instruction. Learn the patterns of strumming and focus on finger-picking. Listen to a blues guitarist. That pattern of strumming is so similar and it will help you with rhythm. Listen to solos that use pentatonic scales, or blues scales, and it will help you.


It is essential to learn to play a 12-bar blues progression. If you want to play country guitar music than this is really a must! The open strings that are played are based on I-IV-V chords of a key. Remember the three chords that make up this progression: Tonic, sub-dominant, dominant.


Go through all the levels to become a country guitarist and at the end you will definitely focus on learning several country styles (double-stop riffs, riffs, Boogie-woogie…) but also techniques as picking and country arpeggios. All you need to learn to play a double-stop riff is to combine two notes or play them together. It is not as difficult as it sounds.


And that really is it! You master the techniques of country guitar play and are ready to compose and create your own country music. You now reached a stepping stool and it is up to you to practice, learn, and have lots of fun.



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