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Frequently Asked Questions


Guitar Teachers

1.   How are guitar teachers chosen?

Every instructor is interviewed carefully over the phone because we want to know how good they are and where they got their experience from. To qualify for joining the pool, these guitar teachers must have adequate experience and good credentials. We check their skills and also their strengths because we want the right teachers for our students.


2.   These teachers are private teachers?

Some teachers give only private instruction and others are also involved with a music school.


3.   Is a private teacher more recommended than a guitar school?

It solely depends on you. It is evident that more structure is needed in a guitar school. Private teachers can adapt better to your personal style and the lesson will be customized to your needs and wants and the songs you prefer. Everything is just more flexible with a private teacher.

Guitar Lessons

1.   How do we structure our guitar lessons?


We consider it important that you start with acquiring fundamental knowledge on the instrument. It is in your advantage that you become familiar with musical notes. Learn how to hold the guitar before you start with playing the basic notes.

From here the transition is easily made to learning to play simple songs. You will become familiar with the instrument. By doing so, you will become more comfortable because you will understand the idea behind playing the guitar. Your confidence will grow and you will progress to more challenging and also more complicated songs.


3.  Where do you go to attend the guitar lessons?

You can choose between two options: the studio of your instructor or the comfort of your home.


4.  Is it necessary to purchase a guitar?

Since practicing at home is needed to become a proficient guitarist, it is essential that you have your own instrument.


5.  What about grading?

Grading is possible and your instructor can discuss the possibilities with you.


6.  What if I need to make planning changes because I am a

 busy person? Is that going to cost me?

Our motto is that you do not pay for lessons you do not receive. As a service to you we do not charge you for lessons you do not get. You can make changes to your lesson planning if your schedule requires that.


7.  Can I schedule group sessions?

Group sessions are of course also possible and we can make you a real good deal on those. Talk to Sam about it. He will help you.

Guitar Lessons Hong Kong


1.   What role does guitar lessons Hong Kong play?

We from Guitar Lessons Hong Kong are the mediators and we will help you in your search of finding the best guitar teacher for your situation. We also consider the area the guitar teacher resides in when we match you up with the perfect instructor for you. Not every guitar instructor is able or willing to go everywhere. We can prevent that you have to make a ton of phone calls to find the right guitar teacher. We work with many guitar teachers and that makes it easy to find you the guitar teacher that is best for you. One phone call is all you need to make because the way we work is easy for you.


2.   Do I pay for the service of Guitar Lessons Hong Kong?

Students do not pay Guitar Lessons Hong Kong. You just pay the normal price and the guitar teacher forwards us the commission for our service as coordinators. The first month of instruction needs to be paid up front.


3.   What is the preferred payment method?

Cash,  Cheque, Paypal, or a bank transfer works great.


4.   Do I lose money if I have to cancel a lesson?

The first month you pay up front. After that, you do not pay a fee when you have to cancel.

5540 1399 is Our number / Whatsapp and he will be happy to set you up with guitar lessons.

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