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Guitar Course

  • fender telecaster icoYou just might Become The Next Super-Star With Our  Amazing Guitar Lessons...

    two students playing the guitar imageSave time and effort by learning from the best guitar teachers in Hong Kong! Who knows, you might be the next Hong Kong Superstar with such super lessons...

    Have you always wanted to learn guitar but just haven't had the time until now?

    Are you looking to get your guitar playing off to the best possible start?

    Have you had guitar lessons before but felt your teacher wasn't able to show you what you needed to know and seemed to lack any kind of a plan?

    Maybe you took guitar classes at a college or music shop which were badly organised or failed to address your individual playing goals?

    Have you tried to learn guitar from books and the internet but felt overwhelmed by all the information?

    Are you a parent looking for the best guitar lessons in the area for your child?

    Do you want to rock out, learn to play your favorite songs, or just have fun while learning to play guitar?

  • fender telecaster icoMusic Lessons Cost

    Guitar Lessons Cost

    Types                   Beginner          Mediate         Advance


    Individual            $250-$300       $350-$400      $450-550


    Group                   $200-$250

    Music Theory Lessons Cost

    Types                  Grade 1-5        Grade6-8


    Individual           $250-$350       $380-$450

    Group                  $200-$250

    Rock School Exam (TRINITY College)and Drum Lessons

    Types             Grade 1-3     Grade4-6     Grade7-8


    Individual     $250              $300             $400


    Group            $200

    * Rates may vary according to the teacher's experience and qualifications.

    ** Recommended frequency of lessons are once a week.

    *** For group lessons, prices are lower.

  • fender telecaster icoLearn from the best guitar teachers who specialize in these lessons...

  • fender telecaster icoIn addition, accelerate your current guitar skills by learning specific guitar techniques during your classes...

  • fender telecaster icoOpinions & Suggestion:


    In order to keep improving the quality of our customer services, Also should you have any suggestion, please do not hesitate to let us know anytime.

     ✓ We are greatly appreciated your business.



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