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Teenager Guitar Lessons

We can select the guitar teacher who is perfect for you! Our customized approach will match you up with the teacher who can serve your needs best!

Even teenagers who never felt confident that they would be able to learn how to play the guitar are now great guitarists.

You can do this too. It will only take you 3 months and you will not have to change your normal routine.

When you feel the urge to buy a guitar when you stroll by a guitar shop than you got what it takes!

Is your spare time filled with watching your favorite bands on YouTube? Do you envy the way they play the guitar? You got what it takes to learn that too!

90 day guarantee imageDo you fantasize about serenading a girl accompanied by your guitar play and being rewarded with a kiss? You got what it takes to do that!

You definitely have pre-guitar tendencies when you recognize yourself in the above statements. Maybe you think you lack self discipline? Maybe you are worried that your schedule is too busy? Maybe you think you would never learn it anyway?

Is it a feasible expectation to learn how to play the guitar if you know nothing about music?

You bet! Many of our students were in a similar situation. Their only qualification was the yearning to play the guitar. Passion is all you need to become a successful guitarist. Passion will help you rock!

Our guitar teachers are very experienced with at least 3 years of experience. And they all are experienced and professional guitar teachers who can bring out the interest and make it a reality!

Be ready to rock in 3 months!

School and extracurricular activities take up a lot of my time. How can I add guitar lessons to my schedule?

Now that you found us you too can learn how to play the guitar. One-on-one guitar lessons are our specialty. Our guitar lessons are convenient. Reschedule whenever you need to.

I am a teenager. I have a short attention span. My interest in guitar lessons could be coming and going.

Of course! We understand that losing interest is a possibility. But we know the quality of the lessons of our guitar teachers. These guitar lessons are fun, exciting, and interesting. Every lesson is an uplifting and fun experience you will be looking forward to. You will come to realize that these lessons cannot be compared to regular instruction. Every lesson is just another fun and exciting activity!

Want to learn more?

Guitar lessons for teenagers will teach you:

  •  Proper Techniques in Guitar Playing
  •  Basic Music Rudiments and Musical Terms
  •  Ability To Read Musical Notes And Guitar Tablature
  •  Comprehensive Study of Finger Picking Styles
  •  Extensive Chord Knowledge and Chord Progressions
  •  Wide Repetoire of Pop, Pop Rock, and Other Contemporary Music

Our inspiring and cool guitar lessons will be fun and teach you all of the above.

Your guitar teacher will:

  • Cultivates passion and interest in playing the guitar
  •  Evaluates and teaches you according to your learning abilities
  •  Inspires and motivates you over and over

 Introduces different variety of guitar music to you to grow and expand their horizons, so that you will be an all-rounder in guitar music

 Gives constructive feedback to motivate

Guitar Lessons Hong Kong has identified guitar teachers who have these traits. Instead of spending time looking through many different websites, we have a ready pool of guitar teachers ready to cultivate your talent.

We hand-pick guitar teachers for your lessons through interviewing them and reviewing their track records. Pick up the phone and Call us now!

Cost of Guitar Lessons (Per Lesson)

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