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Guitar Picking –

 Proper Techniques To Pick The Guitar


guitar picking techniqueYou can make music with an instrument like the guitar in two different ways. You can use your fingers or you can choose to use a plectrum or pick. To make the guitar sound loud for instance with country music or pop music or rock music the use of a pick is very common.


It is very important that you learn to play the guitar with a pick. Some of the advantages of a pick or plectrum are that you fingers will not get as painful, it is easier to strike the chords that are larger, and you will get better up to speed.


But what is the ultimate reason for using a pick when playing the guitar? All guitarists seem to be saying the same thing: you want to be able to produce a sound that is loud and bright with a wonderful instrument like the guitar.  Picks are used by all big pop and rock stars. To produce a more subtle sound the stars of the 1940’s used their fingers when they played country music.




Guitar Picking Lesson: Overview


If you want to learn a nice sounding melody it is essential that you get extensive instruction in how to pick guitar strings and in how to hold that plectrum or pick. How to hold a pick or plectrum belongs to basic guitar education. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to learn several new songs.


To some it sounds ridiculous to hear that you need instruction on how to hold a plectrum or pick. With the strategies you learn you will become comfortable with the instrument. To play the guitar will become natural and it becomes easy to quickly learn songs.


Animal bone and also tortoise shell provide the material for picks or plectrums. Today, plastic is also used. Beginners need to start with picks or plectrums that are medium in size but later on in the course you will be explained the guidelines in how to choose the size of the plectrums or picks you use.


You will learn to choose the plectrums or picks you are comfortable with when you play the guitar.



Initial Steps


It is essential that you start with learning how to hold a plectrum or pick and pick a guitar string. You need to read the instructions over and over again and practice extensively. You need to put your thumb in the right place: put your thumb on the index finger (on the top part of the index finger on your first joint). Make sure you keep your fingers clenched against the palm.


Make sure you have a firm grip of the pick or plectrum. Try it out by striking some chords. Make sure you do not cover too much surface of the pick. You need some of the body of the pick to pick the strings.


Hold the pick that way and practice with the strings. Strum for a while and see how it goes to get the feeling that comes with playing the guitar. Again and again practice the strokes with the plectrum or pick.


To produce notes that are clear and sharp it is essential that you learn how to strum. To practice it is a good idea to pick the strings of the guitar one at a time. Make the move with the pick slowly and go upwards as well as downwards. With this course you will learn the right technique. The grip, or how to hold the pick, is very extremely important if you want to learn to pick the guitar right.


To get on track and become a proficient guitar player it is essential to learn basic techniques on how to strum the strings and hold the pick. You become one of the great guitarists with our lessons.

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