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Guitar Riffs


Learn the repeated but short chord progression that is called a riff. On the guitar a riff is usually low-pitch. What is a riff? One derives a notes pattern from a chord or a scale.


The personality and the rhythm of a perfect phrase of a song is what a typical rock musician looks for. The riffs you like or notice like that stay in your memory for ever.


Although there are some very deliberate and complicated riffs, there are even riffs that only have two notes. The trademark of some guitarists is numerous riffs that are even countless, but for other guitarists it can be just one riff.



Guitar Riffs: Overview


The first thing you will practice when you get guitar instruction is riffs. Easy and short riffs are always found in the introduction lessons of guitar training. Every song is unique because of its riff.


For a shortcut on learning to play a complete song you use a riff. Diminished power chords, power chords, palm muting, double stops, changing chords, and changing scale are just some of the most used techniques of guitar riffs.


For beginning guitarists double stops and power chords are good to start with. These are just two strings that are played at a go.


Another way to create a real riff is by changing chords. It sounds very good when chords are being changed within a scale. Between A7, D7, and E7 is where the most liked chords are changed. Start to strum the guitar, play some chords, and follow your fingers when you want to make a riff. That is the way to go!


To make a song unpredictable and unique it is always a good idea to add pauses that are rather dramatic. Most guitar music styles do well with Palm muting. Before you even meet the bridge you put the side of the hand you strum with on the strings. It is essential that you learn how to do that correctly.


Look for the letters (PM) followed by a broken line in the notation. That is how palm muting will be shown.


Make sure that the chord you play fits in the song you perform. Originality is not evident since most riffs have been played by others before. Your riff is not going to sound incredibly original but you have to keep in mind that only a certain amount of riffs are possible. It is very reasonable to believe that whatever riff you come up with, somebody else came up with it before you did.


To write a song, or the music for a song, it is evident that you come up with a riff or chord progression first. Another way is to harmonize your melody first. It is not hard to do. All a riff means, is a combination of notes or a pattern, in a certain scale and with a certain key. There is no need to look very far to come up with something.


Than what does a riff song generally contain? It is a succession of chords that is played over and over again.  A The Who song “Eminence Front” is a perfect example thereof.

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