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  Guitar Shop In Hong Kong

We have partnered with an exclusive whole-saler who sells to the leading music shops in Hong Kong. Through our partnership, you benefit from finding the most value for money guitar shop in Hong Kong.

Our guitar shop - Hong Kong provide exclusive guitar packages, guitars which are made of very good quality and below the market rates! Where else can you find such amazing deals? If you are looking to spend some of your hard earned savings (, then a guitar package is a fantastic thing to purchase. It's great value for money and an investment for your musical future.

These guitar packages are very popular. Please take note that they are only available in our guitar shop while stocks last.

Free digital book to help you become a professional guitarist. Worth HK$160 when you register with us!


guitar ebook

The Beginner Guitar Primer Digital Book


*  Getting Started - Valuable Information to Jumpstart A New Player

*  Introduction to Guitar Chords, Chords Progression Exercises

*  Basic Theory - Chord And Scale Theory

*  Tips For Managing the Guitar And Keeping It In Peak Performance

*  Comprehensive List of Guitar Resources To Accelerate Your Learning Curve

How to order them?

Call us at 5113 0956 or drop us us an email at

How will you receive them?

Only home delivery is available from our guitar shop - Hong Kong can be done at a low rate of $50. We have a 100% refund guarantee, if the guitars are faulty, we will do a switch at no additional cost.

Guitar Shop Hong Kong - Acoustic Guitar Package: Range will be extended shortly


1) Acoustic (King Lion) Guitar FVI-391C Special!

Only $400!!

  • 39" Pine wood surface. 
  • Half sealed, polished finished. 
  • Edges of the handle and front panel are inlaid with white ivory.
  • Radian fingerplate.
  • An excellent guitar for the beginner.



2) Acoustic (King Lion) Guitar BFV-39SC

Only $400!!

  • 39" Sapele surface.
  • Half sealed, glossy finished.
  • 14 frets. Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Edges of the handle and front panel are inlaid with white ivory.
  • Radian fingerplate.
  • Copper-Nickle alloy lines.




3) Classical (King Lion) Guitar  SY-905SD

Only $500!!

Pine wood classical. Spruce panel that produces a warm, rich, melodic tone perfect for serious classical pieces. Light and lively solid rosewood back and sides add crisp definition.

Edges of the handle and front panel are elegantly inlaid with colourful pearl stripe.


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It has been a dream of mine to play the guitar at a high level, but I couldn’t find a teacher who suit a non-flexible schedule. This website really helped me out by introducing me to a teacher who is accommodating and obliging. And I am playing the guitar very well now.

... Benny Kwan

I  used to admire those who can play guitar in front of audience confidently. I now realized I can be that person after just one year of learning!

... Wing Leong

I tried for many years to learn to play the guitar on my own. Just 4 lessons did the trick. Strumming techniques became natural. One month was enough to finally master strumming techniques.

... Haruka Hiroi

With proper guidance from Stanley, I have discovered how much fun it is to learn guitar. I can now play all my favourite songs with ease. Even my parents praised how professional I sound. 

... Derrick


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