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Guitar Tablature:

 Tablature For The Guitar


The fundamental form of written down music notation that is universal is guitar tablature. Guitar tablature is very helpful when you need to know where to place your fingers when you play the guitar.


Do you know where guitar tablature came from? It is an interesting detail to say the least. A Latin word that gave birth to the term “tablature” was “tabulatura”. It is Latin for table or slate. “Tabulate” is an English word that means to enter information into a slate or a table.




Guitar Tablature Course: Overview


The aspiring guitarists will be explained in detail everything they need to know about playing the guitar and using the tabs. That is just needed for a solid foundation of guitar education. A solid foundation is needed if one wants to learn to play songs and become a great guitarist.




Some of the things you will learn about guitar tablature


Tablature in general appears to be just some lines with letters from the alphabet written on them. That is how basic tablature for beginners looks like. Every line stands for one guitar string. The last string, which is also the sixth string, is called the “E” string. The thickness of the line is important here.


The fifth string is marked as the “A” string. The fourth string is marked as the “D” string. The third string is the “G” string. The second string is the “B” string. The first string is the thinnest of them all and is called the “e” string.


You will notice that there are also numbers that appear on the lines. These are the numbers that stand for the fret that needs to be used. The tablature tells you what string to push down and where.


If there is a series of numbers listed on the “A” string the guitarist knows that he has to push down the fifth string and he has to play one number after another. If the number indicated is a 0 it means that string “A” needs to be plucked open instead of being pushed down. Number one means that you go to the first fret and number two means that you go to the second fret and so on.




Our classes that teach guitar tablature


You will be taught everything you need to know to build a solid foundation. You will understand what it is all about. Numbers that are written one on top of another generally stands for chords. For instance, that means that a chord in C major can be a number x on “B”, a number two on “D”, a number three on “A”, and last but not least a zero on “E”.


Two strings are overall not played. We are talking about string number one and three, or the “e” string and the “G” string. That is the reason why these two strings are not shown with numbers.


This is just an example of what you will learn in our course. Never forget that a solid foundation is required to become proficient in just about anything and that counts for becoming a good guitarist too.

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