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Guitar Tabs


Guitar tab is a series of horizontal lines forming a stave or a staff, much similar to the standard notations. The standard guitar tab consists of a six line staff and the bass guitar, usually, has four distinct lines. Each line is representing one of the instrument strings.


The top most line of tablature shows the highest pitched string of a guitar and by writing the tablature with lowest pitched notes on the bottom most line and the respective highest pitched notes on top line of tablature, we create the basic layout and structure of the Western Standard Notation.


Tab lines can be numbered 1 to 6, where 1 will denote the high E string and 2 will denote the B string and so on. Sometimes the lower cases such as "e" are used for high E string. The numbers on the lines represent the corresponding fret used to produce the coveted pitch. For instance, number 3 on the top line would indicate the player to press down at third fret on the first string, the high E string. Always the number 0 represents the open string.


Overview of the Guitar Tabs Lessons


The course will first teach how to read the guitar tabs as it is very essential to know to read before playing the tabs. The guitar tabs are quite easy to read when all the different symbols are understood. Markers in the form of dashes and dots can be a bit confusing first up, but in due course it can become easy.


Introduction of The Guitar Tabs Lessons


The first few lessons will be dedicated purely to enhance the reading skills of the person. A guitar tab will be placed and asked to be read out to get the hang of it. When you look at the tabs you are actually looking at the aerial view of a fret board.


Now, let us come to the playing of these guitar tabs. Strike the sixth string which is the lowest pitch as well as the closest to you. For practice, hold the guitar in front of you in such a way that the first string is near the ceiling and the sixth to the floor.


This is basically what you are looking at the tabs. Strike the strings with the numbers 0, which represents the 3rd string, followed by the number 0 and then the final number 3 on the 1st string. These numbers indicate the fret position of the note you will have to play on that particular string.


Pick the 3rd string if you would like to play the open G and for an A you will have to pick the same string keeping the finger on the second fret. Play another G by placing the finger on 3rd fret of the very first string. Dedicated practice will ensure some ease with the above exercise.


Our course will give you the space and training to read and play the guitar tabs. The guitar tabs, being the basics of any guitar lesson, will be explained best through our course.

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