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Guitar Techniques Improvement

– Improve Your Guitar Techniques


It is of major importance to learn all the techniques right when you learn to play the guitar. There are different ways of playing the guitar strings and each way sounds a little different. This is how the different sounds are produced.


To put more soul and excitement in your songs you can use several different guitar techniques. Tapping, the bend, vibrato, the bend/release, pull-off, and hammer-on are just some of these guitar techniques that can be used to add excitement and soul.


When you play the note first and then you use your finger to bend that string until you hear the next note, you are using the bending technique. What bend/release stands for is self explanatory. You bend and than you release to go back to the note you started off with.


When you pluck note one and you pull note two at a fret that is lower than the guitar technique you are using is hammer-on. When you do not hammer but pull note two than you use the pull-off technique.


When you fret a note and than slide to other notes and you do not change the pressure that you establish with your finger than you use the slide technique. When you do the same as what you would do to bend but you keep on repeating that and do not return to the pitch you started off with for a while than you are applying the vibrato technique. By tapping your index finger or your middle finger at the fret that is indicated, then you are using the tapping technique.




Technique Improvement: Overview


Chord songs are a great way for you to learn to play the instrument. You will improve your skills at a guitarist tremendously. For beginning guitar players, all these guitar techniques can become a little overwhelming. Learn some songs with guitar chords and you will get used to your instrument.


Have fun playing songs you learn


Do not let new techniques scare you off when you want to learn new songs. Do not stick with the songs you already know. Many new guitarists have the tendency to choose to do so. Break away from that habit and change your mentality. You have to try new songs to really enjoy your instrument.


With new songs, even the kind of songs you are not used to listen to, you will get used to new chords and rhythm techniques. Widen your horizon! You will enjoy it and we can help you do so.


Practice a new song regularly, even for an entire week. Do the same thing with a new technique. Perfection always needs time. Be persistent and do not stop practicing until you reached perfection. This persistence will help you learn new songs or techniques faster with future songs.


Listen to the beat of the song you are practicing. Tap your foot to the rhythm of the beat. Even though initially it can appear to be a little hard it will become natural soon. Help develop your clock that is in you by tapping your foot. You need to improve that internal clock when you want to progress to singing along when you play the guitar.


Playing the guitar loud is more than acceptable. Do not be shy about it! When you give in to your shyness you will not play loud enough. Learn to play at a high volume. It is easier to go from high to low volume than from a low to a high volume.


As a learner it is important that you take it slow. Pay attention to your strumming. Make sure each note is played the way it is supposed to be played. Make sure each chord is played the way it is supposed to be played. Keep a close eye to your fingers. Make sure the positioning is right. To do it right even from the start will help you build a good base. A good base is to your advantage later on.


Do not underestimate the power of these tips when it comes to techniques for playing the guitar. Enjoy!

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