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How to Learn Guitar

  • We can select the guitar teacher who is perfect for you!

    Our customized approach will match you up with the teacher who can serve your needs best!

    Are you contemplating quitting or are you striving to become a good guitar player in 90 days?

    Trying to learn to play the guitar on your own is a real ordeal. Just about anybody calls it quits eventually.

    You are in the spell of the guitar and hope to play along with the music of your favorite music band. The idea of trying to learn how to play is intimidating. You are definitely not the first one who faces such a dilemma. Masses of potential guitarists have been where you are now.

    Trying to become a guitarist on your own sounds overwhelming and if you are convinced that that is the way to go you will give up soon. Prevent that you lose interest. Here are the major explanations for giving up this dream:

  • 1.A lack of real action.

    Discipline is the major issue when people try to learn how to play on their own. What is missing is a schedule. Learning how to play the guitar requires following a schedule. When we are tired because of work and school we often miss the energy to be disciplined learning to play an instrument. Setting goals and deadlines is a necessity. When learning on your own, this necessity is not taken as seriously. Practicing time goes down faster and faster. The motivation and encouragement of the deadlines set by a music teacher leads to success.

  • 2.Websites that supposedly could help you when you learn to play the guitar on your own are extremely technical.

    nothing's paper box imageMost of these websites are not aiming a beginning guitarists. The information and instructions are too deep for beginning guitar players and there is no way of getting more clarification.

    If you master guitar skills with the help of a guitar teacher, clarification of technical diagrams comes automatically. The guitar teacher adapts to your learning capability and the complicity of the matter grows gradually. Learning how to play the guitar is a gradual process and your guitar teacher will help you.

  • 3.Trying to master the techniques of guitar play on your own is a slow process.

    Time gets wasted when you try to do this on your own. Do you really want to practice a simple song for months before you master it? Do you really want to deal with the frustration that shows up when you cannot make it sound right despite months of practicing? Do not give disappointment a chance! Trying and trying and not seeing progress will make you want to give up. Crank up your learning speed with at least 50% with a guitar teacher. Ninety days is all you need to learn to play your favorite songs.


    Feed the passion!

  • 4.Support and feedback is essential.

    Do not get bored and exhausted trying to learn to play the guitar on your own. You need someone who can point out the mistakes you make before you can eliminate them. You need someone who can encourage you and give you tips on how to do things right.


    Realize that learning how to play the guitar is a great decision. Avoid confusion about your decision. Your guitar teacher will immediately help you set things straight and correct mistakes. Time is precious. Do not waste it. Learn the techniques and skills you need to know in an exciting way. Guitar lessons can be fun! Guidance makes learning how to play the guitar more fun and natural.


    A second set of ears will listen how you play. Most people are not committed enough to learn how to play the guitar on their own. Improving yourself becomes easier after you have acquired a solid foundation. You need to become confident first.


    Continuing instruction on your own with the help of resources that are available to you like guitar website, books, and videos becomes more feasible after building a solid foundation with a guitar teacher. The extraordinary guitar teachers we recommend will spike your interest undoubtedly!


    We can promise you that almost no effort from you is needed and that the lessons arranged by us are fun!

    • Music's Lessons Cost (Per Lesson)

    Guitar Lessons Cost

    Types                   Beginner          Mediate         Advance


    Individual            $250-$300       $350-$400      $450-550


    Group                   $200-$250

    Music Theory Lessons Cost

    Types                  Grade 1-5      Grade6-8


    Individual           $250-$350        $380-$550


    Group                  $150-$250

    Rock School Exam (TRINITY College)and Drum Lessons

    Types             Grade 1-3     Grade4-6     Grade7-8


    Individual     $250              $300             $500


    Group            $200

    * Rates may vary according to the teacher's experience and qualifications.
    ** Recommended frequency of lessons are once a week.
    *** For group lessons, prices are lower.
    • All you need to know to find the best guitar teacher for you!

    Tell us now what you are looking for and we can set you up with a guitar teacher in 24 hours. You tell us when and where. Let us know what kind of music you prefer and what your expectations are. That information will help us determine who the best guitar teacher would be for you.


    Let us know your requirements and we can source for one within one day!


    1) Preferred Location

    2) Preferred Timing

    3) Preferred type of music

    4) Expectations, if any

    You want to be taught by an amazing guitarist who is passionate about the same music genre. Get ready for some fun lessons!!

    • Let us know your requirements, so that we can match-make a suitable guitar teacher in Hong Kong.

    Are you:

    •    Looking for beginner guitar lessons in Hong Kong? Find fun, simple, easy and inspiring guitar lessons here...
    •   Looking for intermediate guitar lessons in Hong Kong? Find interesting, professional and educational guitar lessons here...
    •  Looking for teenage guitar lessons in Hong Kong? Find fun, motivating and simple guitar lessons here...
    •  Looking for kids guitar lessons in Hong Kong? Find fascinating and enjoyable children guitar lessons here...
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