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Jazz Guitar Lessons

– Let The Jazz Bring Depth To Your Guitar Playjazz guitar lessons image

The early twentieth century, more particular around 1910, gave birth to Jazz music. With roots in the communities that are predominant African-American Jazz really is an American music genre. Jazz music has guitar solos and guitar ensembles.

The jazz guitar is not the name for one particular instrument. The electric guitar and the acoustic guitar are well-liked in the world of jazz music. The arch-top guitar is associated with jazz music the most. This arch-top guitar is different from the other guitars because of the “Humbucker” pickups. F-holes, the feature that are common in violins, are also typical for the arch-top guitar.

Wes Montgomery, Chet Atkins, Django Reinhardt, Les Paul, Joe Pass, John Abercrombie, Kenny Burrell, and Al Di Meola are some of the best Jazz guitar players. If you want to imitate or join these great names in Jazz music than it is essential that you take lessons in Jazz guitar and that you practice a lot. You will not reach that level without adequate practice.

Jazz Guitar Lessons: Overview

The types of scales that are used to play Jazz guitar music are what make this type of guitar play stand out. The types of scales are what characterize any type of guitar music, including acoustic guitar and electric guitar. Did you purchase your arch-top guitar? Check out what Jazz guitar lessons we have to offer and you are ready to go!

It is a tremendous experience to learn how to play Jazz guitar. Our Jazz guitar lessons are even for those who have no experience what so ever with the arch-top guitar. You can learn how to play this instrument in a short time.

Start at our lower level of Jazz guitar instruction and work yourself through the different steps with our Jazz guitar teachers. Grow closer and closer to the advanced Jazz guitar level, one module and one phase at a time.

Phase One

Get used to the feel of your instrument. That really is necessary when you go through Phase One. To get the hang of all the different chords and scales it is essential to get used to the way you have to hold your instrument and play it.

Become also acquainted with the different parts of the guitar of this special type, the arch-top guitar. The sound of magic that is created with the arch-top guitar is related to the individual parts of this wonderful Jazz instrument. Just listen to the strumming!

Phase Two

To become a master when it comes to the Jazz chords you start with getting some basic understanding and learn to play the sequence that starts with Major 7, goes to Minor 7, next to Dominant 7, Diminished 7 and so on.

Remember how Charlie Parker was one big pioneer of the Bebop scale? Can you imagine being able to play the chords that are altered even the Bebop scale? That is exactly where Phase Two will bring you.

Phase Three

The Lydian Dominant Scale, the pentatonic scale, alternating triads, the blues scale, the Arpeggios, chromatic notes, and solos is what you will learn at the third and final stage of the basic Jazz guitar lessons. The next two steps are intermediate and advanced Jazz guitar lessons. With us you move on through all three levels to become a good Jazz guitarist.

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