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Rock Guitar Lessons

 Play The Guitar Like A Rock Star!

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The early sixties created one the most famous music genres ever: the rock music. The guitar is the most important instrument of this music genre. The guitar stands as a symbol for rock music.

Classical guitar music, jazz, blues, and the early rock and roll (1940’s and 1950’s) all contributed to the rock music we make today.

While it is the acoustic guitar that guitar music started off with, it is for sure the electrical version of the guitar, the electric guitar that is the signature of rock music. Frustration and angst are commonly associated with what we know as rock music.

Bob Dylan is definitely a legend of rock music. Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, the Doors, the Who, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the Animals are some of the best rock bands of all times.

Always consider lessons before you start playing rock music. It is definitely worth it!

Rock Guitar Lessons: Overview

Nobody becomes a star rock guitarist overnight. You need to understand that it is necessary to progress through a few stages to become a good rock guitarist. Learn all the basics you need to know and learn the techniques that are more advanced during the rock guitar lessons. To become a good rock guitarist it is essential to practice, and practice.

Phase One

writing music imageBegin with some theory. You need to get some basic understanding of the parts of the instrument, how to read standard notations, basic theory on chords, and symbols. The different scales need to be learned and you need to grasp the essentials on chords to learn to play rock guitar.

Put your emotions and your feelings into learning to play the rock guitar. It will help you to eventually become one with your instrument.


Phase Two

Learn how to play solo. It is the next step when you want to become a rock guitarist. Are you too amazed when you see those solos by great guitarists when you go to a live rock concert, watch Channel VH1, or watch Channel V? Is it not just breathtaking? Take you chance to learn to play solo rock guitar. Your instructor will teach you to play solo rock guitar on your level: advanced, intermediate, or beginner. Start with vibratos, hammer-ons, open position scales, and bends.

Intermediate Rock Guitar Lesson

The time has come to play the solo you create yourself. Once you reach the intermediate level when you play rock guitar you are ready to rock! You will learn to play all the major scales and natural harmonics become very familiar to you now. Confidence becomes part of your act and creating these solos and playing them really comes with the level you are on now. More techniques, especially the speedy techniques, will be learned one you reach the more advanced level.

steve vai imageRock guitar music is frequently associated with speed and guitar solos. Your hand has to move so fast over those guitar chords to bring this speedy sound that practice and more practice is an understanding now. Get ready and get in great shape to rock! Master the chords and the scales and you are ready to go!

Do not underestimate the skills of a good rock guitarist. With our rock guitar lessons anybody can learn it though. Everybody can learn it. Anybody can become a good rock guitarist with the right instructor. We can help bring the real rocker to the surface for anybody who commits to become a rock guitarist and takes rock guitar lessons.



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