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Student Playing the guitar imageFrom: Emily Tan, Christian's Mom, Location: Wan Chai


Three months with a guitar teacher have changed my daughter's life. She is now an astonishing guitarist and I am glad I answered her plea for guitar lessons by calling Sam.


Vivek having lessons with Teacher imageFrom: Vick Au, 17 year old, Location: The Peak


"I have always adored music and aspired to become a good guitarist. Trying to learn to play the guitar with the information on the Internet and with books did not bring me anywhere. I was ready to call it quits. After only two months with our guitar teacher I now performs at schools!"

Teacher (Frankie) having Guitar lessons image

From: Justin Yip, Location:

Tseung Kwan O


I hoped to become a proficient guitar player for a long time. My hectic schedule made it look impossible for me to ever learn to play the instrument because I could not find guitar instruction that adapts to my schedule. I called Sam and it only took him a couple days to find a guitar teacher that works with my schedule. I found a guitar I love and have fun playing it.

From: Jamie Li, 40 year old, Location: Tai Tam


"I have always been impressed seeing famous guitarists playing their instrument. A year of self study did not bring me anywhere. After four lessons I could play my favorite songs."k at the book.

Jason's Dad jamming  guitar with him imageFrom: Dawn, Jason's Dad, Location: Mid-levels


Guitar lessons have changed my son’s activity level. TV is no longer a priority. He is now a motivated guitarist and practices like no other. He thinks his guitar teacher is the best! He cannot wait until the next lesson.

From: SK Ho, Location: Ho Mun Tin


The first lesson took place as scheduled. Upon my arrival, Mr. Chu has already prepared (at my request by phone before I attended the lesson) guitar notes for 3 songs which I said I would like to learn. In the first lesson, we picked the song "For Elise", which is more simple than the other two songs - "Streets of London" and "Vincent". During the lesson, Mr. Chu was able to bring out the essential points about playing this song and discussed with me the skills involved. The ambience was quiet and there was no disturbance during the lesson.


Guitar teacher with student imageFrom: Cherrie Yam, 22 years old, Location: Fortress Hill


I found the guitar teacher that was best for me. Although I am a slow learner, I now masters the songs I yearned to play. My message is that the teachers are worth the money.

From: Rosetta Kwong, Location: Price Edward


Thanks  for the follow email, we had a great first guitar lesson.  Guitar for sure, is not as easy as I thought, particular if I want to master it.


 IMPORTANT NOTE: Full documentation for the following satisfied customers are available on request. These customers were not offered any bribes, cash or discounts for their honest feedback.

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