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What To Know Before Taking Classical Guitar Lessons?


Be informed! Now what you are starting when you decide on taking lessons to play classical guitar.


Do you even realize there is a difference between a classical guitar and a regular guitar? There are a few things that are different although these two instruments are very alike. There are six strings on both guitars. Metal is the material for these strings of the regular guitar, but brass wire and nylon are used for the strings of the classical guitar. Also the neck of the guitar is different. The style of a classical guitar is much simpler.


Learning to play the classical guitar


Some try to learn to play the classical guitar with a video or DVD. This does not really work for most people though. As a prospective guitarist you will need the feedback. You need to have someone who can tell you what you are doing wrong and what you are doing great. Nothing can replace a great guitar teacher.


The way to find this great guitar teacher


Choose first between group lessons or private lessons. Some prefer to learn with others, but for many private lessons is the best choice. Choosing a guitar teacher is not always an easy task. To determine who would be the best guitar teacher for you, see if you can listen to how a number of them play the guitar.


A good practice for the classical guitarist


Start listening to classical guitar music. It will help you get a good feel of classical guitar music. It will help you set goals on where you want to get with your classical guitar lessons.



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